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    Where to go on holiday in 2016
    Part 3

    Ski jumping: US, Canada, Europe
    Fly likeEddie the Eagle
    Oberstdorf, Germany – one of thelocations for the Eddie the Eagle film. Photograph: Bongarts/Getty Images
    德国,奥伯斯多夫——电影《飞鹰艾迪》的其中一个拍摄地点。摄影:Bongarts/Getty Images

    Can youname a single ski jumper other than Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards? Thought not. Asthe first British ski jumper to take part in the winter Olympics, in Calgary in1988, Eddie became a huge favourite with TV viewers and fans, for hisdetermination and humour despite his relative lack of skill at the sport,glasses that fogged when he jumped, equipment that didn’t fit, and a 9kg weightdisadvantagecompared with the next-heaviest competitor.

    Though he was Britain’s best at the time, a stunt-jumping recordholder and ranked ninth in the world in amateur speed skiing, he admitted he’dentered the Olympic ski jump category because no one else was going to apply.He originally wanted to compete in downhill events but didn’t have the funds toenter.

    As the worst in the competition, finishing last in the 70-metreand 90-metre events despite breaking the UK record, he became an underdog hero. Now his storywill take flight on the silver screen when it is released in April: Eddie theEagle, produced by Matthew Vaughn, has Taron Egerton in the lead role, and HughJackman playing a fictional coach training him on Lake Placid.

    If you’re inspired, visit Calgary’s Olympic park and adjoiningski hills(winsport.ca);or the OlympicJumpingComplex (daily tours from $11 adult, $8 junior) in Lake Placid; or thefilming locations in the Bavarian ski resort of Oberstdorf. At this lastlocation, visitors can try skijumpingattheImpulsecentre(regular workshops around £117) or watchevents at the ErdingerArena.Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the east was anotherlocation: here guidedtoursoftheskijump cost €10 adult, €8 child. There are variousski jumping courses for beginner eaglets too, including in SaalfeldenLeogang, and Obertauern inAustria, and the Lappischool in Kuusamo, Finland.
    如果你感兴趣,可以参观卡尔加里的奥林匹克公园及旁边的滑雪场②;或者参观普莱西德湖的奥运跳台滑雪中心③(一日游:成人11美元,儿童8美元);或者参观在奥伯斯特多夫巴伐利亚滑雪胜地的电影拍摄地。在电影拍摄地,游客可以尝试(Impulse centre)的跳台滑雪(普通活动试验班的价格大约是£117左右),或在艾丁格竞技场观看赛事。在加尔米施-帕滕基兴往东是另外一个跳台滑雪点:这里的跳台滑雪指导费⑤是成人10欧元,儿童8欧元。这里也有各种针对跳台滑雪初学者的跳台滑雪课程,开设地点包括奥地利的萨尔费尔登雷欧⑥和陶恩⑦,和芬兰库萨莫的拉匹学校⑧。

    The 1972-built Bernat Klein Studio will becelebrated as one of Scotland’s top 100 buildings in the Festival ofArchitecture. Photograph: Michael Wolchover
    这座1972年建造的博纳特·凯文工作室将在建筑节里被列为苏格兰最好的100座建筑之一。摄影:Michael Wolchover

    As part of its Year of Innovation,Architecture & Design, Scotland is holding a Festival of Architecturethroughout 2016. Among the celebrations is the reopening of SaintPeter’s Seminary inCardross, Argyll, in March. Despite being one of Scotland’s most significantmodernist buildings, it was abandoned in 1980, but sound and lightinstallations will bring flickers of life to its remaining concrete columnsbefore a two-year renovation project. Snoop through other normally closedkeyholes via a DoorsOpenDays programme.

    Cape Town, South Africa
    Anartistic explosion
    An artist’s impression of the Zeitz Museum ofContemporary Art Africa, Cape Town. Photograph: Heatherwick Studio
    当代非洲艺术Zeitz博物馆的艺术印象。摄影:Heatherwick Studio
    A major new gallery is opening on the V&AWaterfront in Cape Town in late 2016. The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa will be housed in the eye-catching, nine-storey, 1920sGrain Silo. Until then, a temporary pavilion will display selected highlightsfrom the collection. Other attractions for art lovers includeFirstThursdays, when scores of galleries,especially those on and around Bree and Church Streets, stay open until 9pm orlater on the first Thursday of the month.

    CoffeeBeans Routes runsguided tours, including visits to artists’ studios and a tour of street art inthe Woodstock area. BrightCreative Space, also in Woodstock, holds artclasses, including I Know Nothing for complete beginners. The Iziko South African National Gallery hasa comprehensive collection of African art, as well as British, French and Dutchworks.

    Fun newactivities in Cape Town include the Secret Social Club,monthly parties with a retro theme in PaardenEiland; and beach tours by fatbike (bikeswith wide tyres for cycling on sand) in De Kelders. South Beach is a newcollection of nine stylish apartment suites in Camps Bay (from £103 a night, blueviews.com),or for a stay with a difference, Lungi’s B&B(doublesfrom £18) has recently reopened in Khayelitsha township.
    在开普敦有一些有趣的新活动,包括秘密社交俱乐部<14>,每个月在帕登伊兰有复古主题的聚会;以及德克德斯的胖胎车沙滩行<15>(适用于沙地的宽轮胎自行车)。在坎普斯海岸,南部沙滩聚集了一系列九层时尚公寓(一晚103英镑起,blueviews.com);或者想要另一种夜晚,Lungi’s B&B<16>(两人间18英镑起)最近在卡雅利沙镇又重新开张。

    The cityalso offers excellent value – the second-cheapest long-haul destination (behindBali), according to a PostOffice survey. BA fliesdirect from Heathrow from £702 return.

    Hastings, UK
    Not theend of the pier show
    Hastings Pier in 1872

    Hastings Pier hasa roller coaster history: it opened in 1872, boomed in the 1930s and hostedbands including the Rolling Stones in the 1960s and 70s. It closed in 2008after being damaged by a storm, then was almost destroyed by fire in 2010. Butit is about to get a new lease of life, reopening on 21 March after a massivetransformation, thanks in part to a £11.4m Heritage Lottery grant. The new-lookpier will host farmers’ markets, urban sports, outdoor cinema and gigs – plusmore traditional seaside promenading. And there’ll be a grand opening party inMay.

    Yunnan province, China
    Festivals and the ancient tea road
    A performance at the Yunnan Festival

    Continued improvements intransport infrastructure mean visitors to China in 2016 can ventureinto rural areas moreeasily. Yunnan province, in the south-west, has a compelling trio ofattractions: dramatic mountain landscapes, unusually well-preserved historictowns and an exciting food culture. One way to discover it is by exploring theTea Horse Road, or Southern Silk Road. A network of ancient paths along whichcaravans of traders once travelled (including, as you might have guessed, teamerchants), it snakes through spectacular landscapes, from Sichuan and Yunnanthrough Tibet, and south to Bengal. From Lux Resorts’hotels(doubles from about £100) in Lijiang –and later this month at Benzilan,four hours’ drive north – visitors can hike mountain trails, forage formushrooms, cross glaciers with a guide, and listen to monks chanting. Explore’snew 14-dayFestivalsofYunnantour (departs 14 February,from £2,119 without flights or £2,989 with) takes in temples, markets,festivals and a walk through Tiger Leaping Gorge.
    交通基础设施的持续改善意味着2016年前往中国旅游的游客可以更容易地进入农村地区<18>。位于中国西南部的云南省对游客有着强烈的吸引力,宛若一曲引人注目的三重奏:变化多端的高山丽景,罕见地保存完好的历史城镇以及丰富的饮食文化。其中一个走进它的方法是去探索茶马古道,或南方丝绸之路。这个古代交通网络是沿着商人驼队曾经走过的路径(包括茶商,或许你已经猜到了),以四川和云南为起点,穿过西藏,往南到孟加拉,在壮丽的风景中蜿蜒曲折。从位于丽江的丽士度假村的酒店<19>(双人间一晚大约100英镑)(而且本月稍后另一个位处奔子栏<20>的丽世度假村也将开业,车程往北四小时左右),游客可以顺着山道登山、寻觅蘑菇、在导游的带领下跨越冰川,也可以倾听和尚念禅。探索云南旅游的新路线,为期14天的“云南旅游节”(214日出发,无航班价2,119英镑起,或者有航班价2,989英镑)去逛逛寺庙,市场,节庆和在虎跳峡漫步。英国 Explorer公司新推出的14天‘云南节庆之旅’(于214日出发,纯旅游2,119英镑,包括航班2,989英镑)可带你游遍当地的寺庙、闹市,欣赏节日庆典以及漫步虎跳峡<21>

    New cheapflights from the UK
    The expanded Pride Toronto Festival willbe one of the city’s major attractions in 2016. Photograph: Alamy

    Getting to Toronto this year will be a bargain ifyou can snap up the lowest of the new low-cost flights. Icelandic airline Wow is launching flights from Gatwick to Toronto (from 20May) and Montreal (from 12 May)from£198return: so cheap because they go viaReykjavik. (It will also offer low-cost transatlantic flights from Gatwick toLos Angeles and San Francisco later in the summer, fares to be confirmed.)

    And Canadianairline WestJet willlaunch its first direct flights from the UK to seven Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver,Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Edmonton, St John’s) from Gatwick on 6 May, withfares from £414 return. Air Canada Rouge hasa new direct route from Glasgow to Toronto between 13 June and 25 September,from £400 return, as well as seven routes from Gatwick from May. DestinationCanada’sNimSingh says 2016 will be a good year for a visit, “as air fares will be lowerthan they have been in a while, and the exchange rate is more favourable than in thepast few years”.
    加拿大的西捷航空公司<23>也推出了第一个从英国盖特威克机场直达加拿大七座城市(多伦多,温哥华,卡尔加里,埃德蒙顿,温尼伯,埃德蒙顿,圣约翰)的航班路线,航班于56日开通,往返机票价格414英镑起。从613日到925日为止,加拿大航空<24>将会新开一条从格拉斯哥到多伦多的直达航线,往返400英镑起,以及从5月起,增设七条从盖特威克机场出发的航线。加拿大旅行社的Nim Singh说, 2016年将会是一个旅游好时机,“因为机票会低于之前的票价,而且汇率比过去几年更有利。”

    For those who’vedone NYC, Toronto is a low-key alternative for a short transatlantic citybreak. Attractions include the expanded Pride Toronto Festival (24June-3 July) and a new venue for the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, or Mocca, in theheritage Tower Automotive Building. The latest hip neighbourhood is The Junction ,where cheap warehouse conversions are tempting artists and startups, leading toa flurry of vintage stores, pizza parlours, and organic and raw food outlets.
    对于那些已经在纽约旅游过的人,多伦多作为一个短途的中转城市,是一个不错的选择。景点包括骄傲多伦多节<25> (Pride Toronto Festival)624日至73日)以及位于多伦多文化遗产汽车大厦的当代加拿大艺术博物馆新分馆(也叫Mocca)。附近最热闹的时尚地区就是The Junction商业圈<26>,那里仓库租金低廉,吸引了无数艺术家和创业者,整条街都是古董店、披萨店和有机生食经销店。

    Go whileit’s still unspoilt
    Statues of Buddhist monks surround the massiveWin Sein Taw Ya Buddha in Mawlamyine. Photograph: Alamy
    环绕在毛淡棉温盛多耶森林(Win Sein Taw Ya)周围的化缘僧像。摄影:Alamy

    Historywas made in Myanmar in November, when Aung San SuuKyi’s National League forDemocracy won alandslide victory in the general elections, ending50 years of military rule. Widespread celebrations followed and real change isnow expected.

    While someareas remain off-limits for tourists, Mawlamyine in the south-east has a new,daily 45-minute flight from Yangon, with Mann Yadarnapon airlines,opening up a remote area that was previously a seven-hour drive or a lengthyboat trip away from the country’s largest city. The fourth-largest town in thecountry, Mawlamyine has a picturesque port – the setting of George Orwell’sessay Shooting an Elephant – and is mentioned in the opening lines of RudyardKipling’s poem Mandalay. Easier access to the south also brings the picturesquetown of HpaAn and the Myeik archipelago within reach. Several operators havenew itineraries, including InsideAsia Tours’ Southern Burma Uncovered, a15-night trip with time in Mawlamyine and Macleod Island, from £2,385pp,excluding flights.
    尽管还有些区域不对游客开放,缅甸东南部的毛淡棉与Mann Yadarnapon航空公司<27>合作,新开了一条每日都从仰光出发的45分钟航线。这个曾经需要7小时车程或者漫长的行才能到达全国最大城市的偏远地带就此被打通。作为缅甸的第四大城镇,毛淡棉有一个风景如画的港口——曾在乔治·奥威尔的文章《猎象记》中用作背景地点设定——并且在鲁德亚德•吉卜林的诗《曼德勒》的开头几行中也被提及。到南部的交通更为便利也使得美丽的小镇帕安和丹老群岛触手可及。几家旅游公司都策划了,其中包括‘深入亚洲游’的‘探秘南缅甸’,地点在毛淡棉和麦克劳德岛,全程15夜,一人2,385英镑起,不包括航班费用。

    Batumi Boulevard. Photograph: Alamy
    Since thecollapse of the USSR 25 years ago, Georgia has emerged as a promisingdestination for off-the-beaten track adventure in a landscape of mountains andlakes. “Georgia is less crowded than much of Europe but offers much more bangfor your buck. Flights are cheap and Pegasus’sroute to Batumi makes access to the Caucasus mountains much easier,” saysImaginative Traveller’s Helen Youngman. New for 2016 is a 14-day Highlights of Georgia andArmenia tour, from £1,299pp. The capital, Tbilisi,is on a roll, with several new five-, four- and three- star hotels (the key onebeing a brand new Design Hotels property calledRooms), revamped restaurants and aburgeoning hip wine bar revolution with the likes of BottleShock and Vino Undergroundtastingroom showcasing Georgia’s famous viticulture. For culture buffs, the TbilisiOpera and Ballet Theatrereopened in December,having been closed for six years for renovations.
    自从25年前苏联解体后,格鲁吉亚就因其罕见不俗的高山湖泊冒险成为了理想的旅游目的地。“和欧洲其他地方相比,格鲁吉亚虽然没有那么多人,但更值得花钱一去。航班很便宜,天马航空公司前往巴统的航线也让我们更容易进入高加索山脉,”想象旅行者公司的海伦·杨曼如此说道。2016年有一条新开的路线是为期14天的格鲁吉亚和亚美尼亚精彩之旅,每人1,299英镑起。首都第比利斯就包含在此路线之内,这里新开了几家五星级、四星级和三星级酒店(重点要提的是一家名为Rooms的全新设计酒店<29>),还根据《酒业风云》<30>Vino Underground<31>品尝室展示的著名格鲁吉亚葡萄栽培文化翻新了餐馆和一家新兴酒吧。至于文化爱好者,第比利斯歌剧和芭蕾舞剧院<32>经过六年的闭关整修,将在十二月重新开放。

    Going la-laover Dada
    The Dadaist movement began at Cabaret Voltaire.Photograph: Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images
    达达主义运动开始于伏尔泰酒馆(Cabaret Voltaire)。摄影:GettyImages/Lonely Planet Images

    Thecentenary of Dadaism, a radical art movement founded in Zurich in 1916, willdraw art lovers to Switzerland’s principal metropolis, with a series of soiréesatCabaretVoltaire (wherethe movement began) among the commemorations. Staying with art, the ninth Manifesta Europeancontemporary art biennale, with seminars and exhibitions, will be held inZurich in 2016, too. Best book early if you want to stay at hip new boutiquehotel Marktgasse,(doubles from £170). Zurich is also, of course, a hit with skiers (there are270 resorts within a three-hour drive) and, less obviously, swimmers (in summera string of lidos open around the city’s lake).

    Lace Market Hotel. Photograph: The Guardian

    Having just been declared a Unesco city of literature – and thereby joining 11 other citiesincluding Edinburgh, Reykjavik, Dublin, Krakow and Melbourne – Nottingham willbe a whirr of words in 2016. The city (and county) has links with DH Lawrence,Lord Byron and Alan Sillitoe, as well as 1974 Booker Prize winner StanleyMiddleton and playwright and TV screenwriter William Ivory. Festival of Wordsis in October, and the city will continue topromote its “Rebel Writers” in an Arts Council-funded project, Dawn of the Unread and new writers viaNottingham Writers’ Studio. Those who want a stroll with theirliterature can explore the city using an iPhone app of the Sillitoe Trail, which focuses on places mentioned inNottingham-set 1958 novel Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. More events willbe announced through the year. The Lace Market Hotel, in a listed Georgian townhouse, recentlyreopened after refurbishment (doubles from £122 B&B).
    作为联合国教科文组织‘文学之城’的新成员,并加入其它11个城市的队伍(包括爱丁堡,雷克雅未克,都柏林,克拉克夫和墨尔本),诺丁汉在2016年将会成为一个人们耳熟能详的词。这个城市(以及它的镇区)常因DH劳伦斯<35>,拜伦勋爵、艾伦·西利托,以及1974年布克奖得主斯坦利•米德尔顿、剧作家兼电视编剧威廉·艾沃里的关系被提及。十月将迎来‘词汇节’,这个城市会在这段时间分别通过一个由艺术委员会资助的项目‘Dawn of the Unread’和诺丁汉作家工作室继续宣传它的叛逆型作家和新作家。那些想感受心仪文学的人可以使用一个名为西利托足迹(Sillitoe Trail)的iphone应用来探索这座城市,这个软件列出了一些地方,那些地方曾在1958年的以诺丁汉为设定的小说中在星期六晚上和星期天早晨提到的地方。大部分的活动将会在今年陆续公布。花场酒店<36>位于也在名单上的格鲁吉亚式民居区中,最近翻新后重新开张(双人间122英镑起,含早餐)。

    Rev up forAmerica’s biggest race
    An IndyCar series race will be held inBoston in 2016. Photograph: Alamy

    Boston’sstreets have staged plenty of history, whether it’s revolutionary riding and marching(and tea throwing) or celebrating – when the Red Soxfinally won another World Series –but that may not feel like any preparation when the drivers of IndyCar takeover during the first Grand Prix of Boston.Over the Labor Day weekend (2-4 September) the event will feature live bands,family-friendly attractions and driver appearances, building up to Verizon’sIndyCar Series race on the Sunday. The racecourse is centred on the city’sfast-developing SouthBoston waterfront (oftenreferred to as the Seaport district, or Fort Point district), with its independent arts scene,historic warehouse buildings, and award-winning restaurants,craft breweries and museums.

    Theintention is for the event to run annually until 2020. Tickets have yet to goon sale, but for more information and updates see indycarboston.com.

    If that’snot enough to rev your travel engines, consider the city’s famous marathon inApril, the American Craft Beer fest inMay, its film festivals in April and September, the seafood festival inAugust and its book festival in October.

    And, while Boston isa city that’s relatively easy to reach, from May things will get even easierand a little more affordable. The low-cost airline Norwegian isto run flights from Gatwick to Boston four times a week, starting on 13 May.Fares on the route, which will use the 787 Dreamliner aircraft, will start from£179 one-way. It’s enough to make you spill your tea.

    Knights, frights and starry nights
    Snowdonia national park

    In July, the release of Guy Ritchie’s latestfilm, Knights of the Roundtable, will prompt set-jetters to visit Snowdonia, where muchof the film was shot. There will be themed underground boat rides through King Arthur’s Labyrinth – at Corris, in the south of Snowdonia – and guideAmanda Whitehead willbe tailor-making King Arthur tours for groups in 2016, bringing to life thelocations behind both the film and the legend. Snowdonia is also greatadventure territory, withEurope’s longest zipwire at Penrhyn Slate Quarry, underground trampolines atLlechwedd Caverns, andmanmade waves at Surf Snowdonia. The national park has international dark sky status, too,making it a top spot for star-gazers.
    今年七月,盖里奇新作《圆桌骑士》上映,将会促使对里面风景感兴趣的观众前往斯诺多尼亚旅游,因为电影中大部分场景都在此处拍摄。这里将会有横穿亚瑟王迷宫<40>的主题地下游船(位于斯诺多尼亚南部的科里斯),而且导游阿曼达·怀特海德(Amanda Whitehead<41>将为2016年策划亚瑟王旅游团路线,向人们展示电影幕后和传说背后的真实生活。斯诺多尼亚也是一个值得的冒险的国家,比如在彭林斯莱特采石场的欧洲最长的高空滑降,在莱赫韦斯石穴(Llechwedd)的地下蹦床,和在斯诺多尼亚的人工海浪冲冲浪。斯诺多尼亚的国家公园还有达到国际标准的黑暗天空,为观星者提供了最佳场所。

    <10>V&A是Victoria and Alfred的缩写,意思应该是纪念英国维多利亚女王和其丈夫阿尔弗雷德亲王,虽然为地名
    <16>Lungi’s B&B: http://lungis.co.za/
    <22>冰岛航空公司WOW: http://wowair.co.uk/
    <25>多伦多骄傲节: http://www.pridetoronto.com/
    <26>The Junction - 商业发展地区:http://thejunctionbia.ca/
    <31>VinoUnderground http://vinounderground.ge/
    <34>精品酒店Marktgasse: http://www.marktgassehotel.ch/en/
    <35>D.H.劳伦斯:DHLawrence全名为DavidHerbert Lawrence,中文译名为戴维·赫伯特·劳伦斯,也可写成D.H.劳伦斯


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